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Back To Business 

We are finally back and into our routines since returning from our family reunion trip to Orlando FL.  Disney World and Universal Studios were our destinations,  and we did them both in grand style.  We opened the parks in the morning and closed them down at night.  I’d say we got our money’s worth!   It’s good to be home, and back to  our own beds and familiar surroundings.  

Thursdays are the days we deliver meals to clients via Meals On Wheels through the nonprofit Loves and Fishes. We usually try to make a little something special around the various holidays throughout the year.  This is what we made and delivered today along with each meal.   

 They were a “hit” with our folks.  They came from Michelle Last over at her blog:  “Wishing You Blue Skies & Sunny Days”.  I found her on Pintrest and you may find her either at or on my Pintrest site at Snip’n Sister on the board:  Sprong/Easter.  It’s not too late to give these a try.  They are doable with supplies you have on hand. 

Have fun! 


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