Front Room Ideas

Front Room Ideas

Front room ideas – The living room is part of a minimalist home to receive guests as well as to communicate with outsider. The living room is usually located at the front of residential buildings minimalist arrangement so that the living room into the first room entered. This room is usually kept away from the bed to protect the privacy of home, yet close to the kitchen and dining room for easy serving guests.


Has a small living room must be very clever minimalist design and interior decorating that you seem minimalist living room is spacious and comfortable. It is not easy to design and decorate the living room is good and right, especially if the size of the tiny living room was minimalist.

Well this time will share tips for you, so it can be used as a reference to design and decorate your living space with a good and proper so as to produce a comfortable living room.

The selection of appropriate furniture Front Room Ideas

Selection of furniture is very important to give an impression of the concept of small-sized living room of your home. Such as sofas, sofa become the most preferred choice. Minimalist corner sofa or sofa with a glass table plus a very suitable placed in the small living room. Choose a sofa with a color that matches the color of paint the living room or theme you want presented in the living room.

Besides the right furniture will give the impression of a luxury for your living room, as decorate the living room with the appropriate accessories, appropriate accessories can add to the luxury of your living room like a painting or ceramic urns or other accessories. Selection of paint is also worth noting that your living room fun.

Glass table – glass table is perfect paired with a couch and other furniture, glass tables give the impression of modern minimalist living room you. You can put a minimalist glass table, which is where the glass table has put a bottom to place books or magazines. Glass coffee table minimalist design is more appropriate to use the living room is narrower than ordinary wood table that would give the impression of tightness.

Carpets – add rug can give the impression kehanggatan your simple living room. These rugs can also serve as a focal point for your living room. You can choose a rug to your liking but should match the color of the walls or floor paint your living room.

Flooring – for a small living room should have a bright and clear color. Bright colors like white or cream will provide a wider visual effects in a small living room so the room feel more spacious.

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